Car Lighting Systems

Headlights, tail lights, stoplights and indicators all play a significant role in the operation of vehicles.

The proper functionality of these is crucial as well as being a legal requirement, they also aid in the safety and comfort of the driver.

Browns Automotive can check, repair, make alterations and replace components of your lighting system.

We only use the very best quality of lighting and globes at Browns Automotive, in Philips Automotive globes.

Philips Automotive Bulbs enhance the safety and comfort of the world they illuminate. Combining technical innovation with a genuine concern for the safety and driving comfort, Philips offers an extensive range of headlight & signaling bulbs.

While we offer good quality replacement bulbs, we also offer superior headlight upgrades. The More Light headlight upgrade globe range is designed to deliver significantly brighter, whiter and more powerful light than standard headlight globes. These upgrade globes deliver up to 100% more light and can increase your on road visibility by up to 35 metres.

Call us to discuss your lighting needs for your vehicle.