Suspension Repairs

Your suspension system does more than make your ride smooth! It is a key component of driving safety, and without it your tyres and brakes won’t work as well.

Your car’s suspension system allows you to ride smoothly while travelling over rough roads. It also allows your vehicle to corner with minimum roll, stop smoothly, and accelerate with a minimum of acceleration squat. This control keeps the tyres in contact with the road.

A worn shock absorber can compromise your safety. Your braking distance can be increased by two metres, travelling at 50kmh, when your shock absorbers aren’t working properly. This can greatly risk your safety and mean the difference between stopping in time and having an accident.

Symptoms of worn shock absorbers include:

  • Trouble Stopping
  • Nose diving and swerving
  • Excessive bumping and shaking
  • Uneven tyre wear

Browns Automotive inspects your shock absorbers every 20,000 km when we carry out your routine servicing. However, if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms we recommend you bring your vehicle in for a thorough investigation.